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Business Analyst



International company within beauty industry in Moldova, Chisinau


  • To develop and maintain own data base of all clients in Moldova and their sales
  • Elaborate and present sales reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to the interested departments
  • You will develop and suggest promotional companies, or any other incentive methods to increase the sales indicators
  • After the promotional campaigns, you will be responsible to analyze the indicators and evaluate the results, introduce your recommendations to the business
  • Consider the opportunities and potential risks attached to the suggestions you have made
  • Produce written documentation to support your work, report on your findings and create solutionsYou will work mostly on your own, however it is expected from you to clearly communicate your decisions in front of the top managers and another department colleagues


  • We are looking for a candidate that enjoys economical, business analysis and creates solutions for business
  • Excellent analytical skills and an informed, evidence-based approach;
  • You enjoy to talk to and present to a range of audiences, sometimes acting as a translator between parties
  • Experience in a similar business analyst position (can be in finance, marketing, sales) 3-5 years
  • Fluency in Romanian, English, Russian
  • Reporting skills and knowledge (able to present information in schemes, tables, presentation), therefore MS OFFICE at a very good level (Excel, Power Point, Word)


  • The salary is negotiable depending on candidate’s experience and interview performance 
  • The induction period might be 6 months – 1 year depending on how fast candidate assimilates the business model of the company. Your coach will be Business Analyst in Romania. It is a key position for the company in Moldova.
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