Road Construction Engineer

Код вакансии: RCER

  • Solid experience in roads project design and currently applied construction solutions, with focus on road structure thickness calculation. Experience with ROBUR software is an advantage;
  • Solid knowledge of relevant road construction standards and normative documentation applicable in Moldova;
  • Experience with bill of quantities elaboration in WINSMETA;
  • Solid knowledge of the Moldovan road designer community;
  • Experience in construction materials testing and quality evaluation is an advantage: resipe design asphalt mixes, recycled materials mixes, stabilized aggregates;
  • Solid experience of materials application techniques: asphalt, stabilized recycled material mixes;
  • Project management skills in road construction will be considered an advantage;
  • Knowledge of Ministry of Transportation and State Road Administration relevant road development programs will be an advantage;

Education and skill requirements
  • University degree in road design and construction; Masters degree on road construction topic will be considered an advantage;
  • Excellent communication skills. Excellent knowledge of Romanian and English. Knowledge of Russian language will be considered an advantage;
  • Project management skills will be considered an advantage;
  • Solid knowledge of Excel, AutoCAD, ROBUR, WINSMETA;
  • Responsibilities :
  • Supports and brings technical expertise to clients through presentation of available products, technologies and solutions performance;
  • Identifies new trends and opportunities in the construction industry, especially in the infrastructure development;
  • Maintains and develops data bases of road projects under development;
  • Is responsible for the transfer of international road construction techniques to Moldova;
  • Presents activity reports according to company standards and management requirements;
  • Respects all company internal procedures;

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