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Chief Accountant ( international company)

Код вакансии: CSO


Foreign company specialized in beauty industry

Main responsibilities:
  • Full organization and control of accounting and tax accounting;
  • Full accounting of salaries, control of personnel records;
  • Cost control, control of payment obligations, control of financial discipline;
  • Tax calculation;
  • Verification of contracts;
  • Holding and participation in tenders;
  • Establish internal policies and monitor compliance with regional policies;
  • Preparation of local financial and tax reporting, as well as regional one;
  • Interaction with banks and key counterparties, conducting reconciliation;
  • Interaction with the state structures and lawyers;
  • Interaction and control of IBM (external provider of accounting services), checking the correctness of registration and maintenance of documents and records;
  • Work organisation and supervision of an accountant assistant;
  • Active participation in drafting the budget and monitoring its compliance during the whole year;
  • Active interaction with other departments in the issues related to accounting and tax accounting, reporting and control.
  • Knowledge of local accounting, tax and labor laws.
  • Analytical abilities, responsibility, self-organization, ability to reproduce and process large volumes of information.
  • Knowledge of languages: Russian, Romanian (advance level is required) English (will be an advantage);
  • Confident user of PC and MS office (Excel, Word, Outlook);
  • Experience of work as chief accountant from 5 years and above;
  • Possession of 1C;
  • Knowledge of other accounting programs is welcome;
The company offer:
  • Official employment;
  • Full social package;
  • Lunch paid by the employer;
  • Annual salary indexing;
  • Office in the city center;
  • Dynamic team.

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