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Corporate Lawyer (part-time job)

Код вакансии: JCH

HR-Consulting SRL (www.search4staff.com) is a company that has been providing HR services for more than 20 years (recruitment, personnel leasing, HR outsourcing) for Moldovan and international companies.
The company has a rich history, good reputation and a democratic corporate culture.
Position duties:
  • Performing legal analysis of current legal practice and contractual basis of the company (legal due diligence);
  • Making recommendations on changing the existing legal practice of the company in order to improve it and adjust to maximum compliance with the Republic of Moldova legislation requirements;
  • Consulting the management of the company and its employees on all emerging legal issues;
  • Development of contracts for current operating activity;
  • Analysis, giving legal opinion and editing (if necessary) contracts coming from the counterparties of the company;
  • Accompanying the management of the company on the business meetings and negotiations with counterparties;
  • Preparation of official letters and notifications for official bodies and/or contractors;
  • Conducting correspondence and pre-trial (claim) work in complex or conflict situations;
  • Representing the interests of the company in state bodies and courts;
  • Development of internal documents (policies, regulations, etc.), informing and instructing employees on the rules of prepared documents use;
  • Registration/ reissuance of licenses and of other licensing documentation;
  • Performance of other tasks issued by management of the company, stipulated by the individual labor contract and job description. 

Requirements for candidates:
1. Completed higher legal education, preferably with specialization in Civil Law;
2. Work experience in the legal field – at least 4 years, including experience in corporate matters, altogether at least 2 years;
3. Experience in representing companies in the Court – at least 1 year;
4. Strong knowledge of Moldovan legislation, regular acquaintance with changes in legislation and legislative initiatives;
5. Fluent in Romanian and Russian languages, English – at least intermediate level. 

Company offer:
  • Part-time job with a schedule convenient for the employee (several hours a week), set up by agreement with company’s management;
  • Competitive salary level;
  • Office in the central part of the city;
  • Official employment in compliance with all requirements of the labor legislation;
  • Comfortable office, friendly team and pleasant working atmosphere.

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