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Digital Marketing Manager

Код вакансии: AMD

About company:
A fast growing localization company, ranking among top 20 LSPs in Northern Europe. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in London, UK, the company is now a team of 80+ gifted employees and over 25000 international collaborators, united by the ambition to revolutionize the international industry. 

  • Define digital marketing objectives and strategies
  • Develop and drive all social media efforts, including content development & community engagement across all digital platforms
  • Coordinate the creation of effective content for website and digital marketing campaigns in order to increase brand awareness, differentiation, value and emotional connection
  • Be directly responsible for developing and placing creative posts on online platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog promotions, etc.),
  • Interact with the online community, which includes responding to, resolving and providing reporting on customer comments on social media channels, as well as actively engaging and monitoring industry groups
  • Contribute to the creation of various promotional materials, e.g. brochures and newsletters. Measure and evaluate the impact of digital marketing activities

Timeline: Position is open for the day shift (9:00 - 18:00).

  • University degree, fluent in English
  • Knowledge of online marketing and good understanding of major marketing channels
  • Creative initiative person, capable of generating and implementing original ideas
  • Positive attitude, detail and customer oriented
  • Good analytical skills and strategic thinking
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and HTML is a plus
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and AdWords is an advantage

What we offer:
  • Full social package, official employment
  • Competitive Income (starting from 500 USD NET)
  • Additional Performance Bonus paid each half a year, based on KPIs
  • Training and Development
  • International business trips, Europe, Canada, USA. 
  • Participation at International Conferences, Trade Shows, Fairs


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