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Код вакансии: PA

A leading Moldovan recruitment company, HR-Consulting (www.search4staff.com), is looking for a Project Assistant to support a company’s sustainable growth and development project. 
Primary job responsibilities:

Project Assistant’s primary responsibility will be assisting Project Manager and company’s management with different project related tasks including, but not limited to: search of information, market prospecting, publishing of information on various online platforms, interacting with users on different Social Media sources, performing of written translations from English into Romanian/ Russian languages, planning and execution of marketing activities online and offline, representing company’s projects on various events like conferences, job fairs, trainings/ masterclasses.

Required skills:
  • Complete higher education or last year of university studies,
  • Developed verbal communication and presentation skills,
  • Developed PC skills: Internet, MS Word, MS Excel,
  • Understanding of general concepts of Social Media Marketing,
  • Experience in similar positions would be an advantage,
  • Experience in written translations from/into English language would be an asset,
  • High level of Romanian, English and Russian languages.

Company offers:
  • Full-time or part-time position with official employment,
  • Excellent working environment and modern office in central part of Chisinau,
  • Good salary level, which is subject to negotiation with successful candidates,
  • Interesting job responsibilities and possibility to grow to the position of Project Coordinator.

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