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Head of Business Process Automation and Presales Solutions

Код вакансии: B-SOL

The objective of organization represents the analysis of existing processes and design of personalized solutions ensuring a fast implementation and measurable results.  

  • Manage and develop technical team  
  • Identify process gaps and organizational inefficiencies using process improvement methodologies
  • Identify, define and deliver business solutions that meet corporate business objectives while improving cost, quality, efficiency, scalability and margin.
  • Provide expert analytical advice to constituents on matters relating to people, process and technology. This includes analyzing, assessing, and providing recommendations for improving or simplifying organization-wide business processes.
  • Introduce innovation into processes that can impact results, improve efficiency and assist the organization to meet its business objectives and goals.
  • Ensure change occurs in a purposeful, controlled manner; design and manage change taking into consideration both stakeholder and systems impact.
  • Conduct project close analysis, and identify key learnings to refine company methodologies

  • Strong leadership and excellent communication skills, with experience managing, motivating and mentoring teams/individuals
  • Knowledge of operational excellence/process improvement programs and systems
  • Passionate customer focus
  • Thoughtful, fast, disciplined execution
  • Tenacious commitment to continuous improvement
  • Possess strong decision making and prioritization skills
  • Driving license category B

  • Official employment in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova
  • Working experience in an international Company with potential for growth and development
  • Motivational working environment
  • Working schedule: Monday - Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00
  • Office located in the center of Chisinau
  • Trainings and team buildings abroad

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