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IT Business Analyst - English speaker – based in Chisinau, Moldova

Код вакансии: BAVB

The Company driven by multi-national client’s demand for highly standardized multi-country payroll and HR solutions. Has direct local operations in Switzerland, Italy, France, UK, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Moldova.
Now the Company is looking for new candidates for the position of Business Analyst to be based in Chisinau, Moldova. This is an IT technical role, and requires working with colleagues and clients over different countries.
As part of the IT team, the employee’s main focus is to analyse different legislation and new client requirements, to be an intermediary between the client and the developers, to make their collaboration more efficient and better.
The company currently runs different platforms on different technology stacks:
Together with the new IT Platform project, the Company will merge solutions into a single technology stack.
Main responsibilities:
  • Working with the internal teams to define functional specifications and follow up architects to translate this into technical functionalities;
  • Handle and lead global legislation solutions, shared for multiple clients;
  • Analyse new requirements from client to prepare technical design for developers (profit and efficiency solutions);
  • Do presentations and advise on potential solutions based on the project needs. 

Job requirements:
  • College or University degree in Computer Science or a related discipline;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Very good understanding of IT domain;
  • Fluent English is a must;
  • Good analytical skills;
  • Database basic knowledge;
  • Team player;
  • Good judgement and initiative. 

  • Location: Company office in Chisinau (Moldova);
  • High technologies, open minded team and corporate culture;
  • Global projects and international team work;
  • High salary - according to the expectations of experienced candidates;
  • Standard working hours and official employment.

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