Python Developer

Код вакансии: PYR

Place of work: Poznań (around), Gądki (Poznań area)

Message from the employer: we are looking for a Python programmer with great enthusiasm and a desire to build and implement software systems for our company. As a leading European transport company, we are a pioneer of transport solutions based on novelties from the IT industry for the largest companies in the world. Our development department, together with international suppliers, proposes the most innovative system solutions, constituting an extremely stable platform for our 600+ employees.

We offer:
  • Creating an innovative global software solution for a transport company.
  • Salary adequate to experience and involvement in the project.
  • Additional training in the Netherlands with our IT solutions provider.

  • Building, improving and maintaining Python-based transport management system.
  • Identification of problems, finding improvements and creating solutions in terms of speed, quality and stability of the platform.
  • Development, troubleshooting and management of new modules.

  • Solid experience and knowledge in the field of Python development and concepts.
  • Experience in full dev.Scoop, from zero to production.
  • Experience in Django, Zope, Pyramid etc. is welcome.
  • Experience in JavaScript / React.js will be appreciated and good knowledge of databases, in particular PostgreSQL.
  • Understanding the link between our activities and IT solutions.
  • Translating business needs into software development.
  • Experience in working in the scrum methodology and project management is welcome.
  • The experience in building the TMS system will be an asset.
  • Good knowledge of English.
  • Analytical skills.

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